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Are you a human that likes killing zombies?

Are you a  zombie  that

hungers for brains?

  •  Two-player competitive Zombie card game

  •  Simple rules

  •  Plays in 30 minutes

  •  An innovative, simple way
     to track health and ammo

  • Fast-paced, intense gameplay as you play against a 30-second timer to complete your turn


30 Seconds to Live is unlike any zombie game you have played before. Most zombie games are like an entire season of your favorite zombie tv show. Multiple zombie encounters, objectives that don't directly involve combat, multiple players, human enemies, and even environmental concerns. All these elements make for a lengthy and complex game. 30 Seconds to Live is more like the last ten minutes of a season finale. It's one survivor in one desperate encounter, fighting alone to survive. The Survivor fled a horde of zombies and ran down an alley seeking refuge but it was a dead end and all the doors were locked. The zombies followed them and their numbers will only grow larger! The Survivor must fight past the zombies to get to the street (and freedom!) to wins the game. The Zombie Player wins if they can get the Survivor down to zero health.

Unlike most games, 30 Seconds to Live gives one player the ability to control the zombies; this is a head to head competition with only one winner. To emphasize
the tension, the pace and the chaos of the situation, both players operate under the threat of a 30-second timer. If they do not complete their main action phase within 30 seconds, their turn ends and they lose any unused actions. Players have to think and act quickly if they want to have a chance to prevail over their opponent.  

How did this all start? Where did the X-Virus come from?
Is the Survivor the only one to escape? Watch the trailer

to learn the backstory to the game....

Then watch the two play thru videos, one played live and

with the actual game, the other using Tabletop Simulator.

TTS is software which allows real games to be converted

into something playable online with friends. Learn more



















The game was set to launch on Kickstarter on April 21st but due to the economic upheaval caused by the coronavirus, it has been pushed back to the fall, likely around September 29. There will be two main pledges: The base game will sell for $25 and include any stretch goals unlocked during the campaign. The Warehouse Pack includes the base game as well as the Warehouse Expansion and of course, any stretch goals unlocked during the campaign. The Warehouse opens up the playing area to reveal a darkened warehouse. In total darkness, the human player must find key that unlocks the door to the street.  The Warehouse features brand new zombies, new weapons, defensive items, and other surprises. There will be additional pledge levels revealed as we get closer to launch! Shipping prices have yet to be determined but we are working with our production partners to keep them reasonable. Prices will be announced closer to launch.  Click the KickStarter logo above to go to the pre-launch page and register to be notified upon launch.


The human player picks one of six characters. Each character's capabilities and stats are, with some minor differences, mostly the same. What differentiates them is their unique special ability. Each has some ability which gives them an advantage in the game: free attacks, countering zombie attacks, extra movement.  The character abilities stem directly from their past experiences, making for more interesting and well rounded characters. These abilities will (potentially) help the human win the game, so pick the character who has an ability that appeals to how you want to play the game. Characters have been designed to be balanced in terms of age, gender and ethnicity so the game reflects the diverse population of a large modern city.


There are 5 unique zombie types. The Shuffler is your standard slow-moving zombie. The Crawler has no legs and is even slower. The Runner is a fresher zombie and is faster. There are two boss zombies. The Brute is extremely tough and does more damage. The Shrieker allows the Zombie player to summon additional zombies for free. Each zombie type is useful in a different way and there are lots of zombies in the Zombie Deck.


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