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Q: If the zombie successfully attacks the Hero, how is the game not over? Isn’t a zombie bite the end for a human?


A: A zombie attack is not a bite. The zombie causes injuries which weaken the Hero. Once at zero health, the Hero can’t fend off the zombie. Now the zombie bites the Hero and they turn into a zombie.


Q: The Hero has been hit with “Exhausted”. Can they stand up?


A: Yes, but the Hero may not move.


Q: Can the Hero play Quick Trigger or Quick Hands when hit with Panic?


A: Yes.


Q: The Hero attacks and plays “Quick Trigger”. The Zombie Player plays “Poor Aim” in response. Do both shots miss?


A: The first shot misses. Roll the attack and fate dice for the second shot.


Q: If the Hero is in row nine and stumble is played, where does the weapon land?


A: It lands in the street and is lost from the game.


Q: The Hero is knocked forward by a collapsing alley. Can “Stumble” be played?


A: Yes.


Q: The Hero is wearing armor. Do they suffer knockdown from a zombie attack?


A: Yes


Q: Two Fate cards are drawn. The first is Quickened Pace and as it is being resolved another Fate card is drawn. What happens?


A: The most recent Fate card is placed underneath any other Fate cards and resolved in the order drawn.


Q: Can the Hero play Quick Trigger and Lined Up together?


A: Yes. The first shot deals two damage to two zombies. Then the Hero gets to take their second shot granted by Quick Trigger the normal way.


Q: Can a runner zombie choose to move only one space?


A: Yes.

Q: Can the Hero play Clipped, then play Critical Hit to kill one of the additional zombies?

A: Yes.

Q: Can the Hero play Quickhands and use a heavy weapon? Normally a second attack with a heavy weapon costs more actions than with a regular weapon.

A: Yes. 

Q: What is the cost to attack if the Hero attacks with one heavy weapon, then attempts a second attack with a different heavy weapon?

A: The cost is two actions. 

Q: The Hero has a shotgun and attempts to attack but is stopped by Uncle Pete. Can they attack a different zombie in the same row?

A: Yes but they may not assign any damage to Uncle Pete.



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