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Q: If the zombie successfully attacks the Survivor, how is the game not over? Isn’t a zombie bite the end for a human?


A: A zombie attack is not a bite. The zombie causes injuries that weaken the Survivor. Once at zero health, the Hero can’t fend off the zombie. Now the zombie bites the Survivor and they turn into a zombie.


Q: The Survivor has been hit with “Exhausted”. Can they stand up?

A: Yes, but the Survivor may not move.

Q: The zombie player plays Damaged Weapon on a weapon that does critical damage or enhanced damage. Will the weapon still inflict extra damage?

A: Yes.


Q: The last option for the Shotgun does 3 damage and says it can be split among multiple zombies. Can the option above it which does 4 damage be similarly split up?

A: No.


Q: Can the Survivor play the card Double Head Shot and use the Rifle to target zombies at a range of zero?

A: No. The Rifle range is 1-5 and can not fire at a range of zero.

Q: The shotgun can split its damage across multiple targets, what happens if the zombie player plays "Poor Aim"?

A: The shot misses entirely.

Q: Can you play Parkour and only move one row?

A: No.


Q: Can the Survivor play Quick Trigger or Quick Hands when hit with Panic?


A: Yes.

Q: Can the Survivor play Confrontation when the zombies move during the Draw Phase?

A: No, tactics cards can never be played outside of the Action Phase.

Q: Can Effect cards that allow the Survivor to move, allow them to move in either direction?

A: Yes.

Q:  The zombie player is hit with Distraction. During their turn, they put out new zombies in row ten.  Are those zombies impacted by the distraction card?

A: Yes. Its effect touches all zombies in row ten while in play.


Q: The card Zombie Horde allows for up to three zombies to be put into play in Row ten. What if there is already a zombie in Row ten?

A: There is a maximum of three zombies in a Row at one time so only two zombies may be put into play.

Q: The Survivor is in Row ten with a Shuffler. The Survivor has one health and tries to move to the street past the Shuffler. The Shuffler makes a successful attack of opportunity. What happens?

A: The attack of opportunity occurs before the Survivor moves, so the Survivor dies before they can get to the street.

Q: Can the card Double Head Shot target two zombies in the same Row as the Survivor?


Q: The Survivor attacks and plays “Quick Trigger”. The Zombie Player plays “Poor Aim” in response. Do both shots miss?

A:   The first attack misses, the second attack is resolved normally.

Q: If the Survivor Sprints or Parkours over a row with an Ability token, do they get the token?

A: Yes.


Q: The Brute attacks and the Survivor plays two Counterattack cards. How much damage is actually received?

A: Both cards count as one "attack", so it deals 2 points of damage, which is then reduced to 1 by the Brutes special ability.


Q: What is considered a "weapon in play"?

A:  Any face-up weapon in the alley or in one of the three weapon slots in front of the Survivor.

Q: Can you do one damage to a Brute and kill it with Critical Hit? What happens when the Brute is hit with a Shotgun?

A:  Damage to the Brute is reduced by one, so in order to be able to play Critical hit the Brute must be hit with at least two damage, which is reduced to one, and the Critical hit would be valid. Same with the Shotgun. If there is another zombie in the row, you could assign one damage to the other zombie and two to the Brute which would be reduced to one damage.

Q. Can a Grenade be thrown at a row without zombies?

A. Yes.

Q:  Can the card Weapon Jam target a weapon that is in the alley?

A: Any firearm in play is a valid target. Any card that is faceup in the alley or on either side of it is considered in play.

Q.  What happens if the Survivor attacks a Brute with a shotgun and gets +1? What if they attack with a chainsaw and get a +1?

A: In the first example, the Survivor has 4 points of damage to dispense among any number of zombies. Remember that whatever number is assigned to the Brute will be reduced by one. In the second example, only one zombie will take the +1 damage. All others receive the standard three damage.


Q: If the Survivor is in row nine and stumble is played, where does the weapon land?

A: It lands in the street and is lost from the game.


Q: Can a zombie knockdown the Survivor if they are wearing armor?

A: Yes


Q: Can the Survivor play Quick Trigger and Double Head Shot together?

A: Yes. The first shot deals two damage to two zombies. Then the Survivor gets to take their second shot granted by Quick Trigger the normal way.


Q: Can a runner zombie choose to move only one space?

A: Yes, but only if it is to enter the row with the Survivor. Otherwise, he must always move two spaces if he is legally able to do so.

Q: Can the Survivor play Clipped, then play Critical Hit to kill one of the additional zombies?

A: Yes

: The Survivor has a shotgun and attempts to attack but is stopped by I Know You. Can they attack a different zombie in the same row?

A: No. I Know You stops the Survivor from pulling the trigger so no damage is done. The Survivor may target other zombies in the same row. 

Q:  The Survivor plays Quickhands or Quick Trigger which allows two attacks. Can the Survivor use one of the attacks, then move one row, then make the second attack?

A: No.

Q: If the Survivor tries to move past standing zombies, the zombies get to make an immediate attack attempt, potentially three attacks. This occurs during the Survivor's turn, while their 30-second clock is ticking. This could potentially take up half or more of their allotted time. How is that fair?

A: It isn't fair. That is the price the Survivor pays in trying to make such a risky move.

Q: There are three zombies in a row, meaning no zombies can enter that row. If the Runner is in the row behind, they can move two rows for one action. Can they move to the next row after the three zombies?

A: No. He would have to legally enter the row with three zombies and he can't. 

Q: Can you play Dumb luck if the Zombie player plays Poor Aim? What about  I Know You?

A: Yes it may be played in response to Poor Aim, that is literally the point of that card. It may not be played with I Know You because those cards mean you couldn't even pull the trigger because it was too emotional.

Q: The Survivor plays Fit of Rage which does +1 damage using a Sledge hammer. Do  they draw for a critical hit?

A: Yes. 

Q: A runner moves two rows into the same row as the Survivor. Can the Survivor play Confrontation when the Runner enters the row right before them?

A: Yes.

Q: Can the Zombie player use the card Weapon Jam on the Chainsaw?

A: No.

Q: The Survivor successfully attacks with a weapon that does either a critical hit or enhanced damage. The attack card drawn has a +11. Is that added to the damage?

A:  Any bonus modifiers like extra damage or knockdown are ignored.

Q: What does the next row mean when calculating damage for the Molotov Cocktail?

A: It means the next row in the direction that it was thrown. Example: The Survivor is in row 4. They target row 6. Row 7 would be the next row.

Q: Some Survivor weapons do knockdown, some also do additional damage to zombies that are knocked down. Will it do enhanced damage the same turn it knocks them down?

A: The zombie must already be on the ground when the attack is made for the enhanced damage to occur.


Q: The flow chart says to move the nearest Runner but the nearest Runner has a knockdown token on it. What do I do?

A: You would move on to the next step because the Runner is not permitted to move. 



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