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NOTEZNOTE: the game comes with three extra zombie energy. Do not use them.
Set them aside as extras so you don't use them accidentally.




Changes made in the rulebook

Survivor Rulebook:  Under optional rules for Concussion, corrected it to say the Survivor may spend 1E to remove a concussion token. In the player aid, it correctly says it costs 1E. 

Incorrect card counts under components. Supply deck is 44 and Survivor Tactics is 46.

Zombie Rulebook: clarified ambiguous language on how the Zombie Friend ability works. If it has tokens it may make an automatically successfully grab attack. This attack will trigger the removal of any remaining tokens. It may not make a Grab attack if there are no time tokens on the card.

Incorrect card count for the Zombie Tactics deck. it should be 46.

Wrong card image shown in setup instructions.

Specific card clarifications:

NEW BLOOD: Added text to shuffle the deck after playing the card.





Q: If the zombie successfully attacks the Survivor, how is the game not over? Isn’t a zombie bite the end for a human?


A: A zombie attack is not a bite. The zombie causes injuries that weaken the Survivor. Once at zero health, the Hero can’t fend off the zombie. Now the zombie bites the Survivor and they turn into a zombie.

Q: The shotgun can split its damage across multiple targets, what happens if the zombie player plays "Poor Aim"?

A: The shot misses entirely.

Q: Can the Survivor play Quick Trigger or Quick Hands when hit with Panic?


A: Yes.

Q: Can the Survivor play Confrontation when the zombies move during the Draw Phase?

A: No, tactics cards can never be played outside of the Action Phase.

Q: The Survivor is in Row ten with a Shuffler. The Survivor has one health and tries to move to the street past the Shuffler. The Shuffler makes a successful attack of opportunity. What happens?

A: All elements of the move action must be completed before it is considered resolved, and this includes attacks of opportunity. The Survivor dies before they can win the game.

Q:  The Survivor throws a grenade targetted at row two. There are warehouse zombies in row one face down. Do they take any damage?

A: Face down Warehouse zombies are not in play until they are turned face up, so no.

Q: If the Survivor tries to move past standing zombies, the zombies get to make an Opportunity attack, potentially three attacks. This occurs during the Survivor's turn, while their 30-second clock is ticking. This takes up some of their allotted time. How is that fair?

A: It isn't fair. That is the price the Survivor pays in trying to make such a risky move.

Q: The Survivor attacks and plays “Quick Trigger”. The Zombie Player plays “Poor Aim” in response. Do both shots miss?

A:   The first attack misses, the second attack is resolved normally.


Q: Can you do one damage to a Brute and kill it with a Critical Hit? What happens when the Brute is hit with a Shotgun?

A:  Damage to the Brute is reduced by one, so in order to be able to play Critical hit the Brute must be hit with at least two damage, which is reduced to one, and the Critical hit would then be valid. Same with the Shotgun. If there is another zombie in the row, you could assign one damage to the other zombie and two to the Brute which would be reduced to one damage.

Q: Can the Survivor play Dumb luck if the Zombie player plays Poor Aim? 

A: Yes.

Q: Can a player choose not to take all four of their actions?

A: Yes.

Q: Can you use multiple optional or modified rules in any combination?

A: Yes.

Q: Can the Zombie player use the card Weapon Jam on the Chainsaw?

A: No, only on weapons that have ammo.

GRAB ATTACK: Can the Survivor play Counterattack if a Crawler/Friend grabs them?

A: Yes.


Q: What happens if a zombie grabs the Survivor and they have no weapons?

A: This likely a fatal scenario but not always. While grabbed, the Survivor may only attack the zombie which grabbed them or draw or play cards.  Without a weapon, the Survivor has no way to attack the zombie that grabbed them. They must draw Tactics cards until they draw a card that can help them out of the situation, such as Scramble or Lucky Find. Until they do, they are at the mercy of repeated zombie attacks.



Q: The zombie player plays Damaged Weapon on a weapon that does critical damage or enhanced damage. Will the weapon still potentially inflict extra damage?

A: Yes.


Q: The Zombie player plays Stumble or Sweaty Hands and the Survivor is in row 9 or 10. Where does the weapon go?

A: It is removed from the game.

ZOMBIE HORDE: The card allows for up to three zombies to be put into play in Row ten. What if there is already a zombie in row ten?

A: There is a maximum of three zombies in a row at one time so only two zombies may be put into play.

Q: Can a runner zombie choose to move only one space?

A: Yes, but only if it is to enter the row with the Survivor. Otherwise, he must always move two spaces if he is legally able to do so.

Q: There are three zombies in a row, meaning no zombies can enter that row. If the Runner is in the row behind, they can move two rows for one action. Can they move to the next row after the three zombies?

A: No. It would have to legally enter the row with three zombies and it can't. 

Q:  Can more than one zombie grab the Survivor simultaneously? What about Grapple?

A: Yes and yes.

GRAPPLE: The Survivor moves past a zombie which makes an Opportunity Attack. Can the zombie player play Grapple? Can they play it  and have the zombie who just attacked, move and attack a second time? 


A: Grapple can be played. The Survivor moves one row and you would place the zombie under the Survivor standee. No, a zombie cannot attack twice in the same turn.

Does Grapple grant the same benefit of added zombie attacks like Grab does?

A: No.


Q: The Crawler is depicted on the zombie Attack cards on the Grab attack, but the Friend is not. Why?

A: The Friend can make a Grab attack but it is automatically successful and no Attack card is needed to be drawn.

Q: There are two zombies in the row with the Survivor and zombies both ahead and behind. During the Zombie Draw Phase one of them won't be able to fit, so does the Zombie player get to strategically choose which zombies move?

A: Yes. Unless a card specifically indicates otherwise, the Zombie Player always gets to choose the order in which they move zombies.

ZOMBIE FRIEND: is its ability applicable regardless of where it is in the row? If it spawns in the same row as the Survivor is its ability active?

A: Yes and yes.

Q: Can the Survivor move to a lower number row away from the Friend? Can they attack other zombies?

A: Yes and yes.

CONFRONTATION: The Survivor moves past several zombies, which make their Opportunity attacks. Can the Zombie Player then play Confrontation to move after the Survivor and attack them?

A: No because they have already attacked this turn.

CONFRONTATION/DISTRACTION: The Survivor is in row 8 and plays Distraction. The zombies in row 9 move to row ten and now cannot move or attack. The Survivor moves into row 9. Can the Zombie play play the card Confrontation? and have a zombie in row 10 move to 9 and attack the Survivor?

A: No.

SURPRISE ATTACK / THRU A WINDOW: Can this card be played if there are already three zombies in the row?

A: No. Any action which puts a zombie into play is prohibited if there are already three zombies in the row. A zombie which has grabbed the Survivor is not considered in the row and doesn't count towards that number. In most cases the zombie player may put the zombie into the next highest row but these cards are specific to this row and if it can't be placed in this row, then the card cannot be played at all.




DOUBLE HEAD SHOT: Can it target two zombies in the same Row as the Survivor?

A: Yes, but not with the Rifle, which cant target row zero.

CLIPPED The Survivor attacks and the attack card indicates knockdown, then they play Clipped. Are the additional zombies knocked down?  Can they play Clipped, then play Critical Hit to kill one of the additional zombies?​  Can it be played with the Chainsaw?​


A. No, they only take the one point of damage. Yes they can play Critical Hit.  No it can't be played with the Chainsaw. To play Clipped you must target one zombie with the primary attack and Clipped deals damage to the other zombies in the row. The Chainsaw already targets all zombies in the row so Clipped can't do additional damage.


Q: If the Survivor Sprints or Parkours over a row with an Ability token, do they get the token?

A: Yes.

DISTRACTION  The zombie player is hit with Distraction. During their turn, they put out new zombies in row ten.  Are those zombies impacted by the distraction card? What if row ten is full and some zombies in row nine can't move to row 10?

A: Yes. Its effect touches all zombies in row ten while in play. 

A: The zombies that remain in row nine are unaffected by the effects of the Distraction.

QUICK HANDS / QUICK TRIGGER:  The Survivor plays either card which allows two attacks. Can the Survivor use one of the attacks, then move one row, then make the second attack?

A: No.

CHAINSAW / SHOTGUN:  What happens if the Survivor attacks a Brute with a shotgun and gets +1? What about a chainsaw?

A: In the first example, the Survivor will have 4 points of damage to dispense among any number of zombies. Remember that whatever number is assigned to the Brute will be reduced by one. In the second example, only one zombie will take the +1 damage. All others receive the standard three damage.


Q: Can the Survivor play Quick Trigger and Double Head Shot together?

A: Yes. The first shot deals two damage to two zombies. Then the Survivor gets to take their second shot granted by Quick Trigger the normal way.

FIT OF RAGE: The attack card drawn has a +1i ndicator and they are using a Sledge hammer. Do they still draw for a critical hit?

A: Yes. 

CONFRONTATION: A runner moves two rows into the same row as the Survivor. Can the Survivor play Confrontation when the Runner enters the row right before them? 

A: Yes.


WRENCH FREE: If the Survivor plays it and is wearing armor do they take the damage or does the armor?

A:  The armor always takes damage before the Survivor does.​

ZOMBIE GUTS: When it is in play, do the zombies make their free move during the Zombie Draw phase?

A: No. Zombies do not move for any reason when Zombie Guts is in play.


ZOMBIE GUTS: When it is in play, if the Survivor then plays Stray Gunfire, does this constitute an attack, causing the removal of all tokens? If the Survivor is knocked down and plays Zombie Guts and there are zombies in that row, how much E is it to stand up?

A: This is not an attack by the Survivor character so it does not. It costs the Survivor 1E to stand up.

ZOMBIE GUTS: The Survivor has one token remaining on Zombie Guts and move forward when there are three zombies in the same row. This movement removes the last token. Do any of the zombies get to make an attack of opportunity?

A: The card Zombie Guts allows them to move forward without any attack of opportunity.

COUNTERATTACK: Can the Survivor play Critical Hit when playing Counterattack.  The Brute attacks and the Survivor plays two Counterattack cards. How much damage is actually received?

A: Yes. Both cards count as one "attack", so it deals 2 points of damage, which is then reduced to 1 by the Brutes special ability.

Q:  Can the Survivor play Dumb Luck after missing with a Shotgun and then choose to split the damage?

A: They apply all the damage to a single zombie who was not the original target.

Q: Do cards that affect all zombies in a row (such as Gas Can) apply to a zombie who has grappled or grabbed and whose card now sits underneath the Survivor token? 

A: They are affected.

Q: What range is a zombie who has grabbed or grappled considered to be at? Can weapons that hit multiple targets be used?

A: They are at a range of zero. A weapon such as the shotgun targets one zombie which must be the one that grabbed/grappled. If successful, the Survivor may choose to hit other targets but enough damage must be assigned to the that has grabbed/grappled to kill it. Any extra can be assigned to another zombie. 

Q: If the base attack with a weapon that does a Critical Hit is sufficient to kill a zombie do you have to still draw a card for a Critical Hit?

A: No, the zombie is already dead.

Q: The Survivor moves forward to the street past zombies in row 10. Do they get to make an Opportunity Attack?

A: Yes. if the attacks reduce the Survivor to zero health, then the Survivor loses.

Q: What if one of those attacks does not knockdown? 

A: Knockdown always occurs after the move completes and in this case is ignored. The Survivor wins the game.

MOLOTOV COCKTAIL: What does the next row mean when calculating damage for the Molotov Cocktail?

A: It means the next row in the direction that it was thrown. Example: The Survivor is in row 4. They target row 6. Row 7 would be the next row.


GRENADE: Can it target a row without zombies?

A. Yes.


Q: Can the Survivor use mass effect weapons like the Chainsaw or Grenade if one of the affected zombies is a Friend that has time tokens on it?

A:  The Friend must be a valid target. If they can't be attacked because they have time tokens then those weapons can not be used.

TWISTED ANKLE: Q1 The Survivor moves, and later that turn is hit with Twisted Ankle.If they move again will they take one damage? Q2 Twisted ankle says "takes 1 damage", so can this be deducted from armor if the Survivor is so equipped?

A: Q1 No because this would be the first move since the Twisted Ankle effect began. Q2: no its damage must be deducted from the Survivor health regardless of armor. This answer applies to WRENCH FREE as well.




Q: The flow chart says to move the nearest Runner but the nearest Runner has a knockdown token on it. What do I do?

A: You would move on to the next step because the Runner is not permitted to move. 

Q: Is the Friend required to attack if they are in the same row as the Survivor and the next step is for it to attack?

A: Yes it must attack, and therefore lose any remaining time tokens.


Q: When Zombie Guts is in play, what happens when a step calls for movement or an attack?


A: Attempt each step and if the action is invalid, move to the next step. When you roll the dice, and a selection is invalid you cycle thru the other selections in the same color group, and if none can be performed, then the Energy is spent and nothing happens.


Q: If a step or die roll instructs you to move the nearest zombie and the nearest zombie is knocked down,  you can't move it so what happens?

A:  In the case of a step you would move to the next step since the card instructions can not be performed. If this happens on a die roll, you move to the next option within that color group and continue till you find an option that can be performed. if none can be performed then nothing happens and the Energy is spent without any action occurring. (1).png (1).png
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