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Q: If the zombie successfully attacks the Hero, how is the game not over? Isn’t a zombie bite the end for a human?


A: A zombie attack is not a bite. The zombie causes injuries which weaken the Hero. Once at zero health, the Hero can’t fend off the zombie. Now the zombie bites the Hero and they turn into a zombie.


Q: The Hero has been hit with “Exhausted”. Can they stand up?


A: Yes, but the Hero may not move.


Q: Can the Hero play Quick Trigger or Quick Hands when hit with Panic?


A: Yes.


Q: The Hero attacks and plays “Quick Trigger”. The Zombie Player plays “Poor Aim” in response. Do both shots miss?


A: The first shot misses. Roll the attack and fate dice for the second shot.


Q: If the Hero is in row nine and stumble is played, where does the weapon land?


A: It lands in the street and is lost from the game.


Q: The Hero is knocked forward by a collapsing alley. Can “Stumble” be played?


A: Yes.


Q: The Hero is wearing armor. Do they suffer knockdown from a zombie attack?


A: Yes


Q: Two Fate cards are drawn. The first is Quickened Pace and as it is being resolved another Fate card is drawn. What happens?


A: The most recent Fate card is placed underneath any other Fate cards and resolved in the order drawn.


Q: Can the Hero play Quick Trigger and Lined Up together?


A: Yes. The first shot deals two damage to two zombies. Then the Hero gets to take their second shot granted by Quick Trigger the normal way.


Q: Can a runner zombie choose to move only one space?


A: Yes.

Q: Can the Hero play Clipped, then play Critical Hit to kill one of the additional zombies?

A: Yes.

Q: Can the Hero play Quickhands and use a heavy weapon? Normally a second attack with a heavy weapon costs more actions than with a regular weapon.

A: Yes. 

Q: What is the cost to attack if the Hero attacks with one heavy weapon, then attempts a second attack with a different heavy weapon?

A: The cost is two actions. 

Q: The Hero has a shotgun and attempts to attack but is stopped by Uncle Pete. Can they attack a different zombie in the same row?

A: Yes but they may not assign any damage to Uncle Pete.


Q:  The Hero plays Quickhands or Quick Trigger which allows two attacks. Can the Hero use one of the attacks, then move one row, then make the second attack?


A: No.


Q: If the Survivor tries to move past standing zombies, the zombies get to make an immediate attack attempt, potentially three attacks. This occurs during the Survivor's turn, while their 30-second clock is ticking. This could potentially take up half or more of their allotted time. How is that fair?

A: It isn't fair. That is the risk the Survivor takes in trying to make such a risky move.


Q: There are three zombies in a row, meaning no one zombies can enter that row. If the Runner is in the row behind, they can move two rows for one action. Can they move to the row after the three zombies?


A: No.

A: Noi,


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