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Kitten Kaiju Games


Kitten Roundup is a game for three players age 8+.


Players take the role of a Mama Cat, a Human or nine feisty kittens.  

  • The human wants to collect the kittens in the cat carrier to get them to the vet.

  • The Mama Cat wants to protect the kittens and put them in her cardboard box.

  • The kitten just want to run and play!

  • The game lasts ten turns and whoever has control of the most kittens at the end wins the game.


Although the game is two against one, it is compettiive not cooperative. Mama Cat does not want the Human to collect any kittens and vice-versa. They will sabatoge the others attempts whenever possible

20181124_165853.jpg (1).png

The kittens will get captured thruout the game but have many tricks to escape back into the house. But can they stay free long enough to be victorious after ten turns?


Getting feedback from kittens is harder than you might think.

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