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You may be asking yourself "what is Kitten Kaiju Games"? What is a Kaiju for that matter? The word is Japanese (怪獣) and means "strange beast". It is a Japanese film genre that features giant monsters, who usually attack major cities and engage the military and other monsters in battle. The most famous is Godzilla but he is one of many. It is a subgenre of tokusatsu entertainment. This word originated from the Chinese classic "of Mountains and Seas".


KKG was created in 2018 when I started working on my first game, Kitten Round Up. The game is all about catching kittens, and when it came time to form a company, I settled on Kitten Kaiju Games because cats (at least my cats) have a habit of wanting to jump onto the table in the middle of game night, often sending tokens, dice, and cards everywhere. In this respect they are like Godzilla (or other large monsters), smashing their way thru whatever is in their path with no regard for the chaos and destruction they leave in their wake. Kaiju seemed an appropriate way to describe them.


Some of my cats like to sit on a chair or someone's lap and just peer over the edge of the table. Waiting. Watching. Lurking. Hoping to grab a stray die that rolls their way, swipes it like a trap door spider, and disappears with it. I found an artist who successfully captured the spirit of what the name means, and honestly, it's way a way better name than "Trap Door Spider Games".

"30 Seconds to Live" (a 2 player competitive zombie card game) just successfully funded on

Kickstarter and late pledges are being accepted now. I will next be working on two expansions and

then I can focus on finishing Kitten Round-Up.

What a kitten kaiju might look like.....

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