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AALIYAH: (she/her)

Background:  Aaliyah was raised in the exurbs of south jersey outside Philadelphia. She always traveled into the city whenever possible and made many friends. She was beaten and robbed several times, so she made it a point to learn how to defend herself, which led to her learning kickboxing. She excelled and eventually joined the UFC. At 5’10, she struggled to stay within the weight limits of the FlyWeight division. She was 20-4 and ranked second when she could no longer keep under regulation weight. She retired, opened up a kickboxing school and did product endorsements.


The Zombie Pandemic: Alliyah owned four kickboxing schools, two in Philadelphia and two in NYC at the time of the pandemic. She lived in Philly and spent most of her time at those two schools, but she was visiting her NY schools when the zombie pandemic hit. She found herself trapped in Manhatten when all the tunnels and bridges were closed, and eventually, she swam the Hudson River to the jersey side. It took two weeks to make it to Philly, and by then, Philly was lost to the zombies. She made her way to her home, but her girlfriend was not there. She searched the neighborhood and tried to visit friends, but could not find her.

Skills/Strengths:  Aaliyah has extremely fast reflexes and is a skilled fighter. She is an intelligent businesswoman, using her fame in the UFC to launch a successful chain of kickboxing schools in the Philadelphia and NY area.

Biggest Fear:  That she will never see her girlfriend or family again. She has become close to the other survivors in the Warehouse and worries what will happen when the time comes to leave their hideout.

Persistent Thought:  Would there ever be an economy based on money ever again? Or would it only be bartering be goods and services?

Personal Objective:  To get back to her parent's house in Cumberland County, NJ. If/when she leaves the safety of the Warehouse for her parent's home, she intends to stop by her old home to leave instructions for her girlfriend, in the hopes that she will return and know where to find her.

LENNY: (he/him)


Background: Leonard (Lenny) was raised in rural WV and learned how to shoot as a teenager. He joined the military at a young age, and his proficiency with a rifle grew. He saw combat action during the first Gulf War. He continued his service at a military base as an ordinance specialist, keeping track of and responsible for weapons, primarily guns, and explosives. He retired from the US Army and being divorced; he moved to the east coast to be close to his two sons. He turned his experience with military hardware into a second career as a firearms instructor. He also worked with veterans organizations to help homeless veterans, often employing them in his training school until they got on their feet.

The Zombie Pandemic: The zombie pandemic unfolded in less than 72 hours. At the start, he was at his rural home, but he soon went to get his two sons out of the city. They were almost out of the city when the madness escalated, and they headed back to his son’s home for safety. Along with others in the apartment building, they barricaded the ground level against intruders but eventually had to leave when food ran out. They found themselves at the Warehouse compound, where Lenny’s skills made him a valuable member. His sons went out on a scouting mission but did not return.

Skills/Strengths: Lenny is extremely skilled with almost any sort of firearm and has extremely fast reflexes with them. He is especially good at quick reloading.

Biggest Fear: Both his sons are dead or worse, that he will never know their fate and will never have a sense of closure.

Persistent Thought: Were the President and other leaders alive in an underground bunker? How long would they stay there? Would they turn into the Eloi, and the leaders turn into Morlocks from the HG Wells story “The Time Machine”?

Personal Objective:  To find his sons and get back to his rural home.



Michael: (he/him)

Background: Originally raised as a girl, he lived in a quiet suburb with his sister Chloe, the children of two hippy parents. Chloe was and is his best friend. Chloe went  to graduate school at Berkley. He had an easy-going childhood but realized in Jr high that he identified as male and came out to his family in his senior year of high school. During college, he began using the pronouns he/him and changed his name to Michael. He began taking testosterone to aid in the transition.

The Zombie Pandemic: Michael was at home on a college break when the world went to hell. His father died of a heart attack a month into the crisis, and his mother was attacked in the backyard where she thought she was safe. The plan was to stay put until the zombie pandemic was resolved, but with both his parents dead, he ventured out, eventually finding an encampment in a warehouse where he could lay low.

Skills/Strengths: Michael has always been good at making friends and has an excellent ability to judge character, useful when deciding who to ally with. He also is extremely fast and agile, a trait that made him a star in college track. Although he was never Olympic quality, he has entered many competitions and won numerous times.

Biggest Fear: Michael is an asthmatic and has severe allergies. He has run out of inhalers and allergy medications once already. He found more but is worried about running out again. Michael also is a transgender man and takes Hormone therapy. He has been unable to locate a new supply of medication, and although he knows there shouldn’t be a serious health risk, he worries about potential side effects and emotional impact from a lack of testosterone.

Persistent Thought: Michael keeps wondering if the animals in research labs and zoos understood what was happening or if they thought that we no longer cared about them and had abandoned them.

Personal Objective: To find replacement hormone medication; to find other transgender people, so he feels more at ease; and to find his sister Chloe in California.

SOPHIA: (she/her)

Background: Sophia is the daughter of Mexican immigrants who came to America in the late 70s. They owned a corner luncheonette, and she was raised with a strong work ethic and a sense of economic independence. Although she was never a victim of crime, the neighborhood was pretty rough. Her parents taught her that bullies and criminals preyed on easy victims, so they trained her to be assertive and confident and enrolled her in a self-defense class while in high school.

She was good at it, and she worked at the luncheonette on weekends and as a trainer in the same studio where she learned self-defense during the week. She lives at home with her parents and sister.

The Zombie Pandemic:  The zombie pandemic began in earnest on a Friday and exploded by late Saturday. Sophia had closed the luncheonette but kept it open for EMS, first responders, fire and police personnel fighting what would ultimately be a losing battle. She stayed at the luncheonette overnight Saturday, Sunday, but on Monday, the luncheonette was overrun. She made it home but found her family dead, so she went to friends and stayed there till they ran out of food. Eventually, she made a run for it and found the Warehouse.


Skills/Strengths:  Not a skilled fighter, Sophia is skilled at avoiding attacks and turning enemies against them. She can handle herself in a fight, even against multiple attackers.

Biggest Fear:  Food meant everything to her, and the idea of eating bland food out of cans for the rest of her life makes her sad.

Persistent Thought: She was supposed to see the dentist the week before martial law was declared, but she was too busy to go. Now she worries about her teeth. She has always been sensitive about her oral care ever since seeing the movie Castaway. Now she worries she will develop some dental problems and lack the ability to treat it and be in agonizing pain.

Personal Objective:  Everyone she cared for is gone. She wants to find somewhere to live where she can raise crops, well someone else can raise them, but she can turn them into delicious meals for those around her.

ANTONIO: (he/him)

Background:  Antonio was raised in Portugal and came to America with his mother and Aunt when he was nine. He always had athletic talent and excelled in high school sports, especially soccer. He went to college on a soccer scholarship, and he graduated with a 3.7 GPA in Finance. He signed on with an MLS team as a goalie and was quite good and one of the most popular players.

The Zombie Pandemic: Antonio had seen up close what the zombies could do. There was a charity event held that Saturday afternoon, and there was a moderate crowd; the arena was half full of people looking to raise money for Alzheimer's. Some of them must have been infected, and they turned, and before he knew it, the crowd had panicked, and everyone was being attacked. He managed to make it into the player area. He regretted he could not help these people, but there was nothing he could do. His mother and Aunt were away visiting family at the time, and he has no idea what became of them.

Skills/Strengths: Antonio has extremely fast reflexes and has powerful legs and hands, which lend well to making fast moves in an alley of hungry zombies.

Biggest Fear:  Antonio is afraid he will have no purpose, no skill that would make him of value to a community. There won’t be professional sports anytime soon, and it looks like the world does not need someone to give them a loan. He makes up for this by being hardworking and enthusiastic.

Persistent Thought: He regrets never knowing what happened on season 17 of The Bachelor.

Personal Objective: He assumes his mother and Aunt are dead. It’s easier that way. He wants to be part of a community. To learn a craft, a useful skill. It doesn’t matter if its woodworking, electrical, but something blue-collar, something that uses his hands so that he will help be responsible for the building of a community.


MARY: (she/her)

Background:  Mary was the first member of her family to graduate college, and she even got her masters degree in **********. Her family was poor, and her parents drilled it into her at an early age that if she wanted to be something, she had to work extra hard at her grades and be smarter than everyone else. Luckily she had a good memory and an aptitude for medicine. She wanted to be a vet, but eventually, she decided that traditional human medicine was more suited for her. After college, she worked in the E/R, where she was when the world changed.

The Zombie Pandemic:  As is often the case, those in the medic saw things before the patterns became apparent to those higher up. Things began to hit the fan on a Saturday, but there were reports of “strange illnesses” a week before, but they were isolated, and many of the zombies were killed before they could attack many people. The bitten were treated as if they had rabies. It seems that it took a lot longer to “turn” if you were not killed outright in the attack. Mary saw what was happening and had a go-bag with her at all times the Wednesday before martial law was instituted. She had done a 48-hour shift, catching bits of sleep here and there that Friday into Sunday when the hospital became overrun.

Skills/Strengths: Mary always has medical supplies on her to treat minor injuries. She understands that amputation of a limb is the only way to prevent someone from turning, and a bit anywhere else cannot be remedied.

Biggest Fear:  The impact of the loss of medical knowledge and supplies. When this is over (if it ever is over), a lot of people are going to die from the flu and from minor injuries that get infected. And there won’t be a lot anyone can do without doctors and medicine.

Persistent Thought: Who is in charge? Will things devolve into feudal states with local warlords and allegiances? Is there still a CDC or WHO somewhere, trying to find a cure?

Personal Objective:  To help find and organize doctors to centralize medical care for survivors.

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